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Use These Top Saving Apps To Get Over Debt

Impulsive spending and bad saving habit will always keep you in debt. However, breaking old habits and building new ones istough. Thankfully, you can leverage technology to reach that goal faster. Saving apps have evolved over the last decade. While some automate your savings such that a certain amount of your spending goes into saving, others offer investment opportunities. Here are some of the top -saving apps you should be using.

1. Acorns

When using Acorn, it automatically rounds up your spending and pulls the difference from your spending account to your Acorn investment account. Depending on your income and goals, that money will be invested into a portfolio. You have the option of adding a retirement account and kid’s investment accounts for $3 and $5 respectively. This is one of the best apps for those in the United States.

2. PiggyVest

In West Africa, Piggyvest stands out among other saving apps. Launched on 7th July 2016 as Piggybank, the founder later rebranded it into PiggyVest in 2019. The app is now offering 10 to 15 percent interest on savings while registered customers can get up to 25 percent return on investment (ROI). It is one of the first platforms to offer these services in West Africa.

3. Plum

If you are living in the UK, one of the best apps you should try is Plum. Once set up, the app will analyze your spending habit and suggest the amount you should save—and the saving is automated. You can also use it to set saving goals. The most interesting part is that you can easily make withdrawals when you reach those goals.


Automating saving using apps is a great way of shaking off the inertia that comes with saving. It can help you to seamlessly build a saving habit. Consequently, you will begin to regain your financial freedom and watch your debts disappear. Creating virtual cards virtual cards can help too. Ultimately, saving is all about building discipline.