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5 Costly E-Commerce Mistakes Newbies Must Avoid

With the dawn of COVID-19, businesses were hurt and many people lost their jobs. Consequently, many people began to look for ways to make money online. One of the areas that is massively exploited is e-commerce. Since, many of the people that jump into e-commerce know little or nothing about it, they fall into the trap of making costly mistakes.

The e-commerce industry is becoming more competitive. Therefore, one of the ways you can stand above the competition is to avoid the common pitfalls. From choosing the wrong platform to faulty designs, here are five costly e-commerce mistakes you should avoid.

#1. Cheap designs

The design of your website can make or break you. According to a study by Northumbria University researchers, the design of your e-commerce website determine how trustworthy people will find it. Invest in modern themes and designs that helps to differentiate your brand.

#2. Thoughtless product description

Most newbie e-commerce platforms don’t bother to describe their products. Others simply republish the description provided by the manufacturer. Doing this robs your website of organic traffic. The goal is always to have your product on the first page of search engine query.

#3. Poor user experience (UX)

Design and functionality add up to boost user experience. If you use colors with poor contrast that makes it hard for people to navigate your website, fail to categorize products, or place buttons in unnatural positions, users will get frustrated and move to other platforms.

#4. Complex checkout process

The simpler it is for users to complete an order the less likely you will have abandoned carts. In a bid to over-impress, newbies often end up complicating the entire checkout process and hurt their conversion rate.

#5. Lack of flexible payment options

If you are targeting customers from all over the globe, it is crucial to include a broad payment option on your website. However, make sure you choose the best international payment gateway to avoid running into problems with remitting your funds.